Auschemicals Australia offers the broadest range of high-performance pharmaceutical intermediates and organic chemistry. Manufacturers of life-saving drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) need the staunchest supply chains, quality assurance, and regulatory expertise. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies and CMOs look to Auschemicals for global sourcing of API and pharmaceutical intermediates

Heterocyclic compound

Heterocyclic compounds are a class of organic compounds with cyclic structure. The ring-constituting atoms in the molecule, in addition to carbon, also include one or more nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and other atoms

Bulk Drug Intermediates

Bulk drug intermediates are the drugs used as raw elements for the making of bulk drugs, or they can refer to a material generated during synthesis of an API that must endure further molecular change or processing before it matures as an API

OLED material intermediate

OLED materials play an important role in OLED technology as the foundation and core of it. OLED materials with longer emission lifetime, quantum efficiency, lower cost and better suitability for industrial application are what researchers and application vendors have always been pursuing.

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