Auschemicals Australia offers the broadest range of high-performance products including pharmaceutical intermediates and organic chemicals. We also produce specialty performance chemicals products that address the unique requirements of specific applications such as pharmacy,food, industry, facades and cosmetics.Our higher performance and environmentally friendly pharmaceutical intermediates and organic products provide cutting-edge solutions to an ever-changing world.

Biochemical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering products are products with animals, plants, microorganisms as raw materials and processing through approaches of biochemical engineering, physics and chemistry.

Catalyst and Auxiliary

The catalyst can change the reaction rate in the chemical reaction.Auxiliary can give a special performance to product, improve use of finished products; and can accelerate the chemical reaction rate, improve product yield.

Flavors, Fragrances and Food Additives

Fragrance or spice refers to the chemicals products with an aromatic odor itself. Food additive refers to a kind of natural or artificially synthetic chemicals which can improve the sensory properties (color, smell, taste) of food and food quality.

Pharmaceutical intermediates

Pharmaceutical intermediates are chemicals products/ compounds widely used in manufacturing various types of drug in bulk quantity also used for research and development by Pharmaceutical and biopharma companies.

Organic and Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry have wide range of applications: monomer of polymerization reaction; raw materials of fine chemical products; and those used for solvents, refrigerants, antifreeze, gas adsorbents.


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients includes chemical synthetic drugs and natural chemical drugs.Chemical synthetic drugs can be divided into organic synthetic drugs and inorganic  synthetic drugs.

Chemical Reagents

Chemical Reagents is a large class of pure chemical substances with various standard purities and can be used for education, scientific research, analysis and testing as well as the functional materials and raw materials.

Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is the studying and identifying of the composition, status, structure of matter as well as determination of related content. It is our important chemistry products.

Lab Glassware

scientific lab glassware provides exceptional strength, brilliant transparency, and superior chemical, contaminant, and temperature resistance.

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