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Auschemicals Australia, established in 2007, is an emerging pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer and trading company committed to the development, manufacture and commercialization of pharmaceutical and organic intermediate for the Australia and Global market place with a focus on Pharmaceutical intermediates, biochemical engineering, APIs, reagents,analytical chemistry, flavors and fragrances, food and feed additives, organic intermediate ,inorganic chemicals and so on . Auschemicals  Australia also provides manufacturing services through its parent company Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Auschemicals Australia is well positioned for growth in Australia, supported by our state-of-the-art facilities, manufacturing expertise, research and development capabilities.

Auschemicals Australia serves our global customers in multi grams to kilograms level and also conduct process development for manufacturing plant. 


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Auschemicals Lab
Auschemicals factory

Why Choose Auschemicals

From early discovery and development through manufacturing and commercialization, our suite of custom solutions allows us to tailor every engagement to your precise needs, whether that’s an independent project or an opportunity that cuts across the organic continuum. Our capabilities are always growing, driven by our talented, experienced team and continued investment in cutting-edge technologies.

High Quality Lab

Auschemicals scientists work with strict compliance to cGMP requirements for Quality Control testing for pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. Our goal is to exceed quality, safety and regulatory standards.

Unmatched Expertise

Auschemicals expertise in combing the best of sourcing and manufacturing, alleviating both time constraints in delivery to market and capacity pressures.

Precise Result

The exceptional Auschemicals standards of expertise, quality control and regulatory compliance drive all our custom manufacturing and sourcing options

Qualified Staff

Our team is always exploring new frontiers in science, pharmaceuticals and chemistry industry.

Our Lab Certification
Auschemicals has invention patent, ISO9001,ISO140001 certification and various laboratory certification

Auschemicals supply chain

Our team of experts, innovators and leaders has helped hundreds of clients navigate complex R&D and manufacturing challenges. 

Auschemicals Global Partner

With a sizable global footprint and solid partnerships with pharmaceutical and organic iintermediates manufacturers  , Auschemicals safely manages schedules, logistics, timelines, and international distribution. We have the right people on the ground, with offices and staff located near key manufacturing facilities and major production centers . This allows us to strengthen supply chains and diversify supply options, all while maintaining outstanding pharmaceutical iintermediate and organic chemicals quality.

Auschemicals manufacturing

In-house manufacturing

In addition to our global sourcing network made up of external intermediates manufacturers, Auschemicals also operates its own manufacturing and analytical services. Importantly, Auschemicals can leverage its in-house manufacturing to provide greater flexibility and risk mitigation to our customers. Our ever growing and evolving manufacturing capabilities help us build even greater supply chain resilience for our partners

The Global Challenges of Sourcing Pharmaceutical and Organic Intermediates

Auschemicals understands that CMOs and Innovators often have special standards for organic and API intermediate quality, based on their capabilities and end-products. Knowing this, we take the time to match the quality requirements of our clients to appropriate pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturers within our network. This customized approach allows us to quickly switch to an alternate vendor in response to an unexpected event, without compromising your core quality standards.


Our quality assurance team represents your interests in key manufacturing centers across the globe. Together, we can quickly qualify vendors, support audits, and resolve quality investigations, as needed by our partner companies. In addition, our deep experience supplying both organic and pharmaceutical intermediates has built a strong understanding of international regulatory hurdles, which continue to pay dividends to our clients.

With our breadth of offerings, excellent quality assurance, and premier customer service, Auschemicals can optimize your pharmaceutical intermediate supply chain and solve challenges along the way.

Auschemicals Expert Team

Auschemicals chemicals and R&D Expert

Margaret Anderson

Head of Laboratory Department
Auschemicals chemicals and R&D Expert

Mark Anthony

Senior scientists

Auschemicals chemicals and R&D Expert

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

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